Restaurant gastronomique à Chinon

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Au Chapeau Rouge
Murielle et Christophe Duguin

49, place du Général de Gaulle - 37500 Chinon
Tel-fax : 02 47 98 08 08
Ouvert du mardi soir au dimanche midi

 Services de 12h00 à 13h00
De 19h30 à 20h15

Stationnement vivement conseillé  
sur le parking de la Brêche
Ou sur le parking du Château
puis descendre par l'ascenceur. 

Chinon is a celebrated, medieval city which is situated in one of the most beautiful regions of France. The historic city is set on the banks of the river Vienne with an imposing chateau overlooking the medieval houses below. Chinon is renowned for it's noble wines and is the birthplace of, it's most famous son, Francois Rabelais. 

In the 16th century the Hotel de France was then the home of The Royal Messengers. The coachmen of that time wore distinctive red hats. The Hotel, therefore, took the name "Au Chapeau Rouge"which means belonging to the red hat. Though the hotel has changed it's name to Hotel de France it's restaurant has retained the name "Au Chapeau Rouge" to keep the historic connection. 

Today "Au Chapeau Rouge" provides both traditional and gastronomic food. There is passion in the kitchen for both good food and the use of local produce. When in season we use dried pears from Rivarennes, fresh fish from the Loire river, truffles from Marigny, saffron from Preuilly on Claise........

Christophe and Murielle welcome both locals and visitors to the Loire Valley

There are lots of great vineyards in the area surrounding Chinon. Why not let us arrange a visit for your group to a local vineyard. After finding out about how the wines are produced and sampling their flavours you can then return to our restaurant for lunch or dinner.

We also provide meal vouchers which are beautifully presented. They are designed to make a wonderful gift for that special person or that special occasion.